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Heartforge cares about its customers. We provide performant, delightful and human-centered applications, be it for mobile on iOS or Androidâ„¢, on the web or as traditional desktop client and server software.

With well-designed applications, based on a thorough requirements analysis, the individual using the software is more engaged, more productive and less likely to commit errors. This has a positive effect on individual and company-wide satisfaction, time-saving caused by increased efficiency and workload reduction for his or her manager.

In Heartforge, you have a partner that can help you make the next step in digitization and provide modern experiences, in a human-centered way.

Showcase: Princess Webapp, iOS App and Android App

Heartforge developed a Webapp, iOS App and Android App for Princess (www.princess.lu), that allows them to share files with their contractors and clients, and collaborate easier by using the built-in chat with custom channels, avatars, image previews and message attachments.


With a mobile device in almost everyone's hands and pockets, Android and iOS Applications can be a powerful tool to reach numerous users and achieve high engagement.

With background synchronization, push notifications, access to sensory information and to the local file storage, mobile apps can offer the most immersive and personalized user experience. Using these possibilities in a well-designed way allows maximising user retention and satisfaction.
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Web Pages and Web Applications (complete software applications using web technology) embrace the core features of the internet: ease of onboarding, ease of sharing and independence of browser vendors and operating systems.

A web app can offer a unified look across all devices, does not require updating on the client side and by using modern web technologies like Service Worker, Local Storage and App Manifest, these PWA (Progressive Web Apps) behave almost like a mobile app with offline functionality, push notifications (on Android) and install to Homescreen.
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Today's backbone of most apps (mobile and web) are server applications which provide APIs (interfaces) to offer some form of data handling. Business logic, data sanitation, storage and backup, and usage of Machine Learning algorithms (in a GDPR-compliant and non-discriminatory manner) are highly recommended being run on dedicated servers.

With modern technology, anonymized data can be used to build powerful predictive models using multi-layered neural nets, and to offer full text search even on millions of database entries.

Of course, we also offer development of conventional client applications (for desktop), with support across platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).
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If you are interested in our services mentioned above, as custom development or consulting service, please feel free to reach out on the Contact Page, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Heartforge is passionate about well-designed applications and will gladly work together with you to achieve the next steps in ergonomic, engaging and performing software.